Food Cart Adventures of an 11 Year Old- About Me!

Joey Richards Food Cart Blog Portland
Me, Joey, age 11!

Hi, my name is Joey and started this blog when I was 10 years old after we had a big flood in our house and lived in a hotel for a few months in the Pearl District. Since we didn’t have a kitchen, my mom thought it would be fun if we rated our food while we enjoyed it.

I live in Portland, Oregon with my mom, dad, little brother and cat named Osita.

You can also find my food reviews in our local magazine, Irvington Living.


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  1. Cool review dude! Do you take Q? What I wonder is if you can tell the quality of thre eats by the look of the cart?


  2. What a great idea, Joey! You’ve found a perfect niche: food cart reviews! I love your blog, and now I think I have some new food carts to explore. I also have a suggestion for you. There is a Nepali momo cart (momos are like dumplings) that I have been very eager to try. I LOVE momos, and I wonder if you will too! It is called “Momo Cart” and their website is here: I think they are located in SE on Belmont. Maybe your parents would like a taste, too! Happy eating ๐Ÿ™‚


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