The Whole Bowl Food Cart

Whole Bowl Food Cart Portland
You definitely need to try The Whole Bowl food cart! This food cart was awesome.

Thank you Regan N. and Katy K. for recommending The Whole Bowl in NW Portland.

This food cart was special because it was delicious and healthy. I like the way they offer one bowl in two sizes, small and large, and you can choose to take any ingredients off. I had everything but the sour cream. I have to admit I was a little bit worried about the yellow Tika sauce but it was flavorful and enjoyable.

Carrot Rating (out of 5): 5 Carrots!

3 Words: whole, colorful, flavorful

Sounds Made While Eating: “Slurp, Chew, Slurp.”

Mom’s Note: The big surprise for me was the inclusion of sliced black olives. It added a unique saltiness to this colorful bowl. We will totally come back here again.

The Whole Bowl

1100 NW Glisan St. 

Portland, OR 97209

map it

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  1. Outstanding! And it’s especially wonderful to see kids embracing healthy food. Keep up with the reviews so I can keep up with whats out there. Way to go Joey!


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