Oregonian Bites Food Cart

I had a great burger at Oregonian Bites Food Cart in PDX.
I had a great burger at Oregonian Bites Food Cart in PDX.

Oregonian Bites is the food cart that inspired the blog idea. I chose this food cart because it had photos of all kinds of food that looked good to me, like burritos and burgers. I got a burger. I asked for just pickles, lettuce and ketchup but he put mustard on it. Anyway, it turned out fine because I discovered that I do like mustard on my burger. It was delicious.

Carrot Rating (out of 5 carrots): 4.5 Carrots

3 Words: delicious, wholesome, hearty

Sounds made while eating: “Smack, Smack, Crunch.”

Mom’s Fact: This cart is Halal, meaning that the foods meet the standards of Islamic law. In particular, the meat is slaughtered in a special way.

Oregonian Bites
Mediterranean, American (New), Seafood, Halal
950 SW 9th Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97205


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  1. My suggestions for Joey…..Portland Soup Company (my personal favorite), Burrasca (before it closes), The Whole Bowl, Garden State. 🙂


  2. Very professional Joey. I love a good burger and based on your review I will be sure to try Oregon Bites food cart. I look forward to reading more reviews by you. Good luck in your new endeavor.


  3. Joey I love your blog! Good advice about the mustard. My husband thinks it is weird that I put ketchup on my hot dogs. I will have to give mustard a try on my burgers, too. Looking forward to your next review…..


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